New Then

If you are addicted to tools, and I am, then the first part of the twenty-first century is pretty much a great time to be alive.


tool wall

You know what I saw at Home Depot yesterday?  A damn battery powered 12 inch compound sliding miter saw. I mean, batteries have sure come a long way, but I never thought they would get this far this fast! I haven’t looked into it yet, but this sucker has two batteries and supposedly is variable voltage and can get up to 120 volts.  I really wonder how that works.

Anyway, not only does it have a lot of power, but supposedly it will cut through 141   2 x 12s. That’s a lot of cutting for a couple of batteries, and tells me that this is actually a viable option. At least for those that have a hefty tool budget. It cost’s $799, not that that seems like all that much for what it is. The corded one is probably in the $600 range.

While I was there I had a look at some of the other cool tools that are out these days. Most of them are battery powered, just because they are doing such amazing things with batteries these days. I imagine a day when batteries don’t burn out in a couple years, that the day of corded tools will be past.

I already have a set of cordless drills, but  I would sure be interested in getting hold of one of the smaller sets for around the house. (Talk about addiction – who needs to sets of these?). Makita has a really nice, small cordless combo kit. It’s only 12 volt, but unless you are doing heavy duty work, that’s all you need around the house. The tools are incredibly light and the specs on the batteries are surprisingly good- especially for the price. Maybe I’ll get one some Christmas.

The other thing that is on my list is a multitool. I have wanted one of them since the commercials hit the airwaves several years ago. I seem to remember they were almost like informercials, running through all the things they could do. My favorite is cutting off door jambs for installing new floors. I don’t know why since I have never really had to do that. Anyway there is a really cool dewalt cordless oscillating tool kit that looks the be about the ultimate. It’s 20 volt and the little battery looks to have enough power to run this tool for as long as you are likely to need it. The pack comes with a bag and a bunch of tools to get you started and a little storage box to help keep things neat. You know how much of a hassle it can be to drag accessories out when they are just rattling around in the bottom of a bag.

And let’s not even talk about the tool boxes I absolutely don’t need and desperately want…