Now Then

Cars and other stuff. Actually, now that I think on it, I should love woodies…

Three Woodies

But, really, I don’t/ though there is something in the idea of rebuilding one of the old cars that has a wooden frame (odd to think of, that).


Never mind that.

You know, lately what I have been getting more interested in is the idea of building a tiny house. Not one to live in myself. Though I could see existing in one for a short period, the fact is that I need some semblance of a house to live in.

The idea is to build a tiny house out of recycled materials. Or at least to figure out how cheaply a decent one could be built with available materials.

tiny house

I have always been interested in the idea of building affordable housing for people. I have never acted on the idea. I am not entirely sure why. Perhaps it’s the financing (good reason, that), or it could just be belief. Whatever the reason, the idea of affordable tiny houses seems doable.

I always enjoyed factory work for two reasons. The idea that when you get done with a days work you can see that you’ve done a days work. The other is the challenge of efficiency. Both seem like a challenge to take on with tiny houses.

They seem to be inordinately expensive for what they are, and I am interested to find out exactly what the reason is for that. Of course there are people operating in the space who are looking to take on the challenge of the tiny house while only giving lip service to the idea of building affordable housing. Their true motive is to maximize their profits – a time honored capitalist motivation.

But there must be others operating in the space who have the best interests of their customers in mind. It might be truly interesting to see just what the space is about. Let’s put that on the list.